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Breathe Right Nose strips...only $0.99!!

Do you use the Breathe Right strips??

Well...I use them!  LOVE THEM!  When I've got a cold and can't breathe..
oh, it makes me crazy!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
Well, while browsing through the $0.99 store...I saw an
end cap...FULL OF THEM!
HOLY COW!  (I know..I'll stop typing in caps...but, I was so excited)
Could they really be $0.99? 
Sure they could...that's the name of the store. top it off...there were coupons attached to the display...
$5.00/2.  Now, I can't use the coupons at this store...
but,  you better believe that I snagged a few to put in my binder to use
at another time!

Moral of my story...
START browsing the $0.99 stores...
amazing the loot you'll find when you don't even expect it!

Happy Shopping!

**If you're a local and in Las Vegas...I found these at the store on Eastern and Serene**
and YES...I stick them on my kids' noses too!




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