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How I saved MONEY this weekend.

How did you save money this weekend??

Me...well....FIRST, my sister and I took our kids to the pumpkin patch.
We knew that they'd want to ride the little rides and play games...
all of which require tickets...
SO, we pooled our money and each chipped in $15 to buy more tickets
and it kept our kiddos busy for a few hours!

Then, my niece was turning 3 and I NEEDED to get her a present.
I found this snazzy tricycle (modeled by my inquiring 2 year old) at Target
on clearance for only $9.98!
(reg. $49)
Sweet hubby put it together for me...
and she was the happiest little thing!

Another way that I saved money this weekend was by cutting
Shaggy's hair.  He's only 2 1/2 and has only visited the
salon once (and that was because I botched it BAD one time).

and date night!  We ALWAYS go to my favorite Mexican restaurant,
El Jefe's for date night (I may be tired of hearing about it...
but, I'm not tired of talking about it yet!)
The gift certificate that we buy requires a minimum of $50 purchase. 
No problem...that's 2 sodas, appetizer, soups, large entrees...
after our $25's a bill of only $28!!!
(but, don't worry...we tip the waitresses awesome...
because that's what got me through college..
and you have to give back when you can)

whooo....that was a pretty packed weekend.

How were YOU able to save money this weekend??




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