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Menu Plan Monday

What's for dinner for us this week?
Well...I don't like to cook at all.  If I had a housekeeper
and a nanny...I think I might like to cook.
But...for the forseeable future...
I don't like it.
Therefore, my menu plan reflects my attitude regarding dinners this week:

Monday--Jason's Deli  
FREE kids meals and we had a $5.00 coupon in our paper
All that equals FREE DINNER and I didn't have to cook
(check with your local Jason's Deli to see when they have their FREE kids meal night)

Tuesday--Jack in the Box
so..I'll buy a few sodas, get a few sandwiches...
yeah...NO CLEAN UP for me!
(except, I'm sure that these sandwiches are NOT good for my ever expanding bum!)

I need to make sure I made it to Albertsons to get the Prego sauce for $1.29
and we have meat and, that's a pretty easy fix and clean up

Thursday--Chicken Madeira
I LOVE this dish at The CheeseCake Factory...but, I really can
rationalize spending a ton for, I found THIS recipe and I'm going 
to give it a try.  
I'm a little worried about the wine...we don't drink, I don't have it... it ok to cook with it if you don't drink it?
(doesn't it just cook out)
I mean...I've never gotten drunk leaving Cheesecake.
hmmm....maybe I'm addicted to the wine...that's why i love the dish!
Let me know if you try it...
and I'll make it and post pics later in the week!

Friday--Date Night at El Jefe's
This is my favorite Mexican Restaurant. 
I buy gift certificates from HERE..
we order soup, appetizers, and huge dishes...and walk out of there paying about
$30 (and that includes a tip of 20%!!)  I LOVE these gift



Daisy on October 19, 2009 at 12:45 AM said...

Your so funny, you crack me up! I need the recipe please :-)


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