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Glade Sense & Spray Review

BzzAgent sent me a Glade Sense and Spray to try out and review..
and I LOVE IT!

First...they sent me the apple cinnamon scent...and that is my
absolute favorite (especially this close to the holidays).

Second...I LOVE that it doesn't just use up the batteries.  It
senses when you walk past it...waits a few seconds, and then squirts out
a burst of lovely!
BUT...that's what I LOVE about this!
I put it in my boys bathroom (the real test)...and didn't tell them.
My older son was the first one in there...
he used the toilet, walked over to the sink..and SQUIRT...
scared him half to death!
and..the same thing happened to my younger son.
I haven't laughed so hard!

Now they know to expect the squirt...and it doesn't bother them.
The scent is not over powering...but, is enough to keep
their bathroom smelling lovely
(which isn't an easy task). that we're getting close to the holidays...
you should stock up on these babies (coupons are always in the
Sunday papers)....
and for even more fun...
put them all around your house and don't tell the kids!

Have fun and I hope you like it as much as we do!




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