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$10 off $25 at Macy's Preview Event!!!

Tomorrow, I'll wake up at 5:30, get my teenager off to seminary.  I'll then pack my hubby's lunch and he'll be off to work.  I MIGHT sneak back into bed until about 7:45 when it's time to get myself ready and get my 7 year old off to school.  THEN, my toddler has speech therapy (because someONE doesn't want to talk)...and THEN...I'm headed over to MACY'S!!  I'm so excited.  Everytime a commercial comes on...I just watch in awe!  If you're local (the one at Galleria is my fav)...and has the BEST clearance racks!  I can buy my dh and son shirts for under $10 (and they're always brand names). 

With my ever expanding waistline (and NO, I'm NOT expecting)'s time for this mama to buy herself some new jeans.  At last year's sale, I was able to score some jeans for $12! 

NOW...Click HERE to print out a coupon to take with you.  You'll get $10 off $25 purchase.  Use this coupon wisely.  That means...only buy in increments of $25...and pay in different departments!
(it says one per customer....we shall see exactly WHAT that means)  Like, one per customer per register, one per customer per day....hmmmm....AND...remember, this coupon is ONLY GOOD UNTIL, shop while the kids are in school! HERE for a coupon for an additional 15% off Big and Tall for Him (regular or clearanced priced clothes)....and YES, I think they will take both (i'll update on that tomorrow after my excursion).

You can click HERE to check out the current sales catalog...(change the zip code to yours)




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