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Holiday Gift Guide on a Budget

I'm going to TRY and be a diligent blogger...
and give you a NEW, budget friendly gift idea everyday
(PLEASE...don't get mad at me if I miss a day...I'm really going to try). that I've gotten THAT out of the way...
it's time to talk about the holidays!
We're ALL out of money, tight on money, OR would just like to SAVE
a little money where we can.  So, I'd like to share with you some ideas that might
help you lighten your load during the holidays.

It truly isn't the cost of the gift..but, the thought.  We want to let everyone we love
know that we love and appreciate them...without breaking the bank
(or having us rob a bank).

If you read my personal blog, you have already seen these little treats.
BUT...I thought this was a great place to start.
Chocolate covered fruit!

It's SO easy...and now that the holidays are around the corner...
fruit and chocolate will be on sale at some grocery store each week.

Make sure the apples are COLD before you dip them in chocoate
(if you want the chocolate to stay on)
just put some chocolate in a bowl and microwave it...
(i did mine a minute at a time...stirring after each minute
until it was melted)

Put sticks in the COLD apples..
now...just dip in the chocolate and sprinkle your
little hearts out!

I put my apples in a cute little basket I found at Michael's for only $2.00!

You can dip any type of fruit...strawberries, grapes, oranges...
the lady at Smith's even told me that she's been dipping potato chips in chocolate
(let me know if you try that one!)

Have fun...and your family and friends are sure to love these!




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