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Holiday Gift Guide on a Budget

Why don't we talk about wrapping paper today??  Have you bought any yet this year??  Did you buy a TON last year after the holidays??  Well, I have to tell you...I have NOT bought any this year (yet)....and I didn't have enough room in our house to store rolls and rolls bought last season (oh, I wish I had!).  So, what's a budget-conscious mom to do??  Wrap them in toilet paper??

This was our Christmas tree last year....I bet there's $30 or $40 worth of wrapping paper ALONE under that tree.  Only to be ripped apart and discarded.  No one really cares about the least the kids don't.   As a family, if we're trying to cut corners where we can...who in the world needs fancy paper to throw in the trash??  NOT ME!  hmmmm....well, how am I going to wrap those presents then?
I thought about brown paper bags...but, the stores don't have those like they use to.  The toilet paper would be SO funny...but, toilet paper isn't cheap anymore anyway (and the cheap paper would only be see through...defeating the purpose).  As I've pondered this...(like it's such a problem in my life that deserves so much attention)...I DO have piles and piles of newspaper.  

So...newspaper it is!

We've already started wrapping some.   Cute.  I'll add some bows.  I've even told my 7 year old that he can paint on some paper for me and color with crayons and markers. teenager couldn't believe that I would dare put newspapers on sacred Christmas if by somehow defiling them by doing so.  I explained to him the money that we'd save...but, also...maybe Santa's gifts would come wrapped in pretty paper (and thus keeping the game alive for the 7 year old...and only requiring one or two rolls being purchased).

I've seen gifts given in cloth re-usable bags.  That's great too (I just don't want to sew any).  There are so many options.  Really...we've worked hard this year trying to buy all these toys on clearance and at great prices...WHY would we ruin the budget NOW when we can keep saving!

What are your holiday wrapping suggestions?



Mysti on November 11, 2009 at 5:28 AM said...

The newspaper idea is so eco-friendly! And yeah, we have tons. My only problem is when the newsprint gets on your fingers, and then all over that white sweater that Great Aunt Sallie sent!!!

You can buy rolls of plain brown craft paper at the dollar store and then paint them, color, stamp....whatever you already have around the house.

I do have left over paper from previous years (and I hate it all!) I am trying to use it up so I can "allow" myself to buy a few rolls after the holidays of something I like.


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