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Holiday Gift Guide on a Budget

Another day...another idea.

Have you ever bought or made a HOT sock??  (or cold sock).  

My teenager is trying out for the wrestling team and hurt his neck yesterday.  I needed a heating pad for him...and didn't have one.  SO, I remembered making these in the past...pulled out my camera for blog documention...and a cool looking hot sock was born!

You can use these hot socks for soothing sore muscles and backs, warming the sheets before you get into bed (if you live anywhere in the world except for Las Vegas), easing stomach aches or cramps, warming cold toes, and we even would heat them and lay it beside our colicky baby.  These socks can also be put in the freezer and used as a cold compress.

So...wanna know how to make this awesome, yet inexpensive gift for someone on your list?

Well...first...let's find some socks.  Now, I was told to use only cotton socks (that polyester or nylon socks stink when heated)...but, my darn sock didn't tell me what it was made with (so, I just go by the look of the sock).  For today's purposes...I just found a pair of socks in my drawer with the tags still on them (they were a gift from darling hubby...what in the WORLD did he think I'd wear these with?)  These are knee socks, I just have them folded in the picture.

Now...we just need to fill the socks with something.  I'm using white rice.  You can also use beans, flax the internet for more stuffing ideas (I just always use rice).  


Take that rice, put it in a cup, and put the sock over the cup and start pouring in the rice.  Repeat until you've almost filled up the sock. can also add different scents to your sock.  Like cinnamon, lavender name it.  This is YOUR creation...have fun with it!'re almost finished!  For my son's sock...I just tied a know in the top of the sock.  You can also tie yours off and then tie a ribbon around the top.  You can sew a seam or decorative edging around the top.  Now is the time to personalize your sock or fancy it up.  The sky is the limit!

I LOVE using knee socks...because when filled, they look like those neck pillows you wear on the plane!  

Now...all you have to do is microwave it until you get your desired temperature.  I started at 2 minutes and went slowly up from there.  You DO NOT want to over heat this thing.  (I have never...but, talked to other people who have).  You do NOT want to put your sock in a dirty microwave (I HAVE done this...and pulling lasagna off your sock is NOT fun).  

and now sit back and smile...because your teenager thinks you're kinda' cool as his neck is heated while playing xbox360 (maybe that's why his next hurts?).

You can not only use socks....but, if you ARE a sewer....make different shapes and sizes.  I've seen bean bag sizes, bigger squares, go crazy!  And use different materials.  I know that flannel works great and holds in the heat....and could you imagine these with that minky material?  OH...too cute!

Let me know if you try them out!  I know whoever you give these to will just adore them and USE them!




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