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Menu Plan Monday


It's Monday...and time to talk about our meal plan for the week.  This week, I decided to cook my Thanksgiving feast TODAY...on Monday!  (because I'll actually be traveling on Thursday and Friday).

Monday--Turkey ($5.00 at Vons STILL)...PLEASE, get as many of these as you can for food storage.  I can't tell you enough how wonderful it's enough to feed your family for almost a week!
Sweet potato casserole--recipe found here
REAL mashed potatoes--$0.99 for a 10 pound bag at Albertsons ( you know...cut them up, boil them, add tons of butter, milk, salt and pepper....hmmmm!)
Canned veggies--because my kids don't know the difference
Rolls---we can eat TONS of rolls...anyday
Pumpkin pies-I made two last night (and single handedly almost finished one...shhhh)


Wednesday--Depending on the amount of leftovers...I make all of the above again (to leave some  yummy food at home with my hubby)

Thursday and, it's McDonald's drive-thru all the way!

My boys and I are taking a road trip to visit some blogging moms that I've known for a few years.  We've never actually met in person...but, we're so excited to finally be getting together!  We're actually "heart moms"....that's what we call ourselves when we are moms to kids with heart problems.  We've been a source of support for each other through some trying times....and all the kids are healthy, so, It's time to get together!  We have plans to take our kids to see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE, mom night out to see New's going to be wonderful!  A nice little getaway!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!!
Hug your family tight!

Don't forget...if you'd like to see MORE meal plans for this week...just click HERE.


Rona's Home Page on November 23, 2009 at 6:24 AM said...

Your menu sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever heard of shelf milk? If so, can you use it in a baking recipe?

How cool to be meeting up with fellow bloggers. That's very cool.
Travel safety.


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