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Holiday Treat and AWESOME gift Idea

Can you tell what that is??'s cookies, wrapped in clear wrap, with a red bow tied around it...
all sitting in a DUSTPAN!

Have I lost my mind??
Not exactly...
but, when you add this cute poem to the dustpan....
you have the CUTEST little gift to share with family and friends:

I was baking some cookies...
when they dropped on the floor.
So, I scooped them right up...
and brought them straight to your door!

There is another cute (much longer) poem:

I was in a hurry,
'Cuz time was running out.
I'd baked a batch of cookies for you,
And when I turned about,
I saw they'd fallen on the floor.
It made me want to shout!
How could this happen at this time,
When time was running out.
I couldn't throw them in the trash.
Whatever could I do!
I quickly swept them in this pan,
And rushed them off to you.
I was baking some cookies
When they dropped on the floor.
So I scooped them right up
And rushed them to your door!
Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours!

**I snagged my dustpans at the Dollar Store...same with the wrap...and used Holiday ribbon that I bought last year on clearance.   Have fun and Happy Holidays!




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