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Meal Plan Monday


I LOVE this time of year...all the goodies that we get to make and eat...

except...I'm stressing a little over NOT having the time to prepare all the goodies that I'd like to.

SO....this week will be as EASY and SIMPLE as I can possibly make it.

Monday--Turkey pasta salad (I made one of those $5.00 turkeys over the weekend...and we're SITLL eating left overs) To make my pasta salad, I just shred the turkey (or chicken)...boil noodles...and rinse them in cool water. I then just add celery salt, salt, pepper, sugar (the secret ingredient), sweet relish, honey mustard, and mayo. No real measurements to speak of...I just mix and taste...mix and taste!

Tuesday--Frozen pizzas (our oldest son has a choir, I think we'll be short on time)

Wednesday--Appetizers ( read correctly). We're having some friends over in the afternoon and I'll already need to make, why not just make a BUNCH of snacks that can spill over into the evening. Like chicken wings, chicken fries (bought frozen), chips and salsa and cheese dip....I'm getting excited looking for recipes to try out for the afternoon!

Thursday--Chicken (baked in the crock pot) and some pasta side noodles (super quick and easy)

Friday--Date night...You know the drill by now! Where hubby and I ususally eat Mexican food at El Jefe's using our gift certificates....and if the boys have been good, we'll order them a pizza!

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