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Meal Plan Monday AND Eat from your Pantry Challenge


Well...I've decided to BITE the bullet and join up with other bloggers...keeping grocery shopping to a BARE minimum...and try to eat mostly from my pantry. my house...that could me cereal and cookies for every meal!  BUT...we're going to give it a try.  I'm making a list of items in my freezer....looking at my shelves...and really...this is a great idea.  You know..I have TONS of pasta sauce that only has mere months left before it expires.  AND....have you looked at the cans of veggies in the BACK of your cupboard?  (don't tell anyone...but, I just threw a can of evaporated milk away that expired in 2006!)

For our family...I will TRY to use mostly items from our pantry...and keep grocery shopping to UNDER $50 a week (and that's for a family of 5).

If you want to read more about "eat from the pantry challenge" just click HERE.
So...what am I eating this week??'s my menu (and's from THE PANTRY!)

Monday--Chicken (I'm going to bake about 4 pounds of chicken breasts in the crockpot...because any other method...I petrify them).  Then for dinner, I'll just make chicken enchiladas. (i'll need sour cream from the store...but, I'm trying to keep my grocery bill to under $50 a week for this month's challenge.

Tuesday--Chicken AGAIN...because we WILL have leftovers.  Chicken salad is what I'll make with the leftovers.  (maybe served on homemade bread....but, that's a big MAYBE)

Wednesday--Chili (I'll use meat from the freezer and just a packet of chili powder, can of tomatoes)...I'm out of, not sure if I'll splurge at the store yet or NOT.

Thursday--Breakfast for dinner.  How about pancakes, eggs, bacon, GRITS (did you know that I'm just a southern girl from NC?)

Friday--Normally pizza night...but, I'll try to pull together ingredients to MAKE OUR OWN PIZZA
(if I can't...then, we'll use coupons and spend as little as possible)

I'm kind of excited about this challenge.  Although, my hubby isn't quite up to speed on my blogging ventures...and he will wonder why the cupboards are bare. 

and if you want more ideas for YOUR menu plan this week...just click HERE.

Menu Planning Resource Pack


Kim on January 4, 2010 at 5:32 AM said...

That sounds great! I am working on cleaning and organizing today, so I might have to join in on this...
Have a great day!

Jenny Schick on January 4, 2010 at 5:10 PM said...

Easiest/tastiest/healthiest pizza dough recipe to make from scratch is this:



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