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Old Navy SCORE

So...I posted early this week HERE about
Old Navy's sale.  50% off ALL CLEARANCE items!

Well...I went shopping.
and...this is what I got.

1 dress
8 women's shirts
1 pair of yoga pants
2 pair of casual women's pants
1 women's skirt
1 pair of boy shorts
2 toddler bathing suits
9 pair of toddler shorts
1 toddler shirt
20 pair of toddler socks

Do you know how much I spent??

uh huh...$111.02.
(that's after I used that $10 off $50 coupon also)
(i guess I could have split up the transaction and used 2 coupons..)

The regular prices of all the items was $514.00.

A savings of over $400...can you believe that??

I wish they would have had more bigger boy clearance clothes...
but, I'm happy with my score!

Now...I need to put all those clothes away before sweet hubby gets home.
NOT that I hide purchases from him...
ok, yes I do..
but, if I don't...
he would think it's ok to blow a hundred dollars on something dumb for his
motorcycle or something.
Clothes purchases are NOT dumb. 
I can't very well walk around here Naked...
not in the shape my body is in would be FAR too gross!

Clothes are a necessity...especially when you get them at such an awesome price~

There's still time to get yours.  The sale is good thru tomorrow, Friday at closing.
We also confirmed that the outlets at Primm have the sale..'s SO tempting to take a road trip..
but, I think I've done enough damage.




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