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Taco Bell $0.39 crunchy tacos

I know that Taco Bell has crunchy tacos
for $0.39 on Sundays.  (don't ask me how I know...
because you're not suppose to shop on Sundays...but,
sometimes we sneak it....shhh...)

Anyway...while driving around today, I heard a
radio announcement saying that Vegas area Taco Bells
were offering the $0.39 crunchy tacos 24/7. 

That's everyday...all day...

Do you know what that means?  When you're tired and don't
want to can drive thru...grab 10 tacos to feed your family for only $3.90!!!

SCORE!!!, be sure to call your local Taco Bell to be sure
that they are participating in this AWESOME OFFER!!!!

oh...tummy aches ahead...but, who cares?!?!


Daisy on September 8, 2009 at 10:48 AM said...

That's great! One more reason for me to eat badly. Thanks for sharin ma.


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